Selected Candidates & Advocacy

Aanchal  Ajaipal

Aavya Nandkishor Gupta

Advika  Bansal
New Delhi


Anjali  Chandrodaya  Schmuck

Ankita  Goyal

Apoorva Vasant Nayak

Apurvi  Saini

Arpitha  Kumar

Arushi  Thakur

Bipasha  Barua

Chahat  Singh



Eshanee  Hatimuria

Giti  Rohitashv  Gour


Maya  Gambheer

Mehak   Manta
Army hospital R and R , Delhi cantt

Meher Rishi Daryani

Nagashree  Ramamurthy

Naina Vijay Sharma

Nalini   Singh

Nani Krishna  Hatiboruah

Nehha Mahesh  Shinde

Pawani   Kohli

Pooja  Dholakia

Priya   Rai

Rajashree  Dowarah

Rashalika   Sabharwal

Rashmi Madhuri MK

Ria Rajendra Salian

Samiksha  Dhar

Satvika  Dubey

Shayma  Siddiqui

Shivani Jaya Shetty

Shivani Satish Tak

Shreya  Srivastava
Uttar Pradesh

Shreya  Bahukhandi

Shubhi  Dhaneta

Soundarya Soundarya Gowda Gowda

Sukraty  Saxena

Sumitra  Godara


Tanya Tanisha  Bentinck

Vanshika  Parmar

Vanshika   Dawra

Vinny Neil  Miranda


The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the death of millions of people, a rough figure would be around 4.5 million deaths all over the world. Another rising problem in this world right now is the disposal of face masks. With the rise in Covid-19 cases, there was an abrupt increase in the demand for san

Mother Teresa once said: We did not come to this world to be served but to serve. With a heart to serve and a will to make a difference this is Aavya Gupta. An avid environmentalist I have done many plantation activities as I want people to love and take care of Mother Earth In 2019 to construct the
THE NEXT NEW NORMAL - SUSTAINABLE LIVING "Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world." - Howard Zinn My advocacy is to unite the masses to integrate sustainable living as the 'new normal' - which I believe is the only way to resolve the alarming issue of global
Environmental challenges induced by extensive use of face masks during COVID-19: A review and potential solutions The ongoing COVID-19 disease significantly affects not only human health, it also affects the wealth of country’ economy and everyday routine of human life. To control the spread of
Sustainability the Key to Our Future  Did you know that 300,000 tonnes of rejected garments are binned every year? The fashion industry produces 10% of the world's carbon emissions. It is the second-largest consumer of the worlds water supply and pollutes the ocean with microplastics. During my
MISSION –“ KUDRAT” Jashan-e-kudrat My mission believes that The Earth will not continue to offer its harvest, except with faithful stewardship. We cannot say we love the land, we celebrate the land and then take steps to destroy it for use by future generations.I am the pioneer of the
Food waste management & Sustainability in Indian Restaurants and Households India and food these words go together hand in hand like Karan and Arjun of Bollywood. India has a rich culinary heritage which has evolved over the years. In India larger the celebration bigger the delicacy menu , BUT wi
SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE Sustainable agriculture is farming in sustainable ways meeting society's present food and textile needs, without compromising the ability for current or future generations to meet their needs. Sustainable agriculture also promotes economic stability for farms and helps fa
Few lines about my project Eco sojourn: Ecotourism in simple words means a tourism programme which is nature based ,to appreciate the cultural and natural history of the environment,taking care not to disturb the integrity of the ecosystem,where education and interpretation is a major constitue
This year on World Environment day(June 5), I had come up with an idea to restore the ecosystem by making 3 basic resolutions. "Mission संकल्प" is about these 3 resolutions and the individual efforts one can make to help save the environment and to contribute for the betterment of the
The Green Buddy Project ​​​​​​​ I was diagnosed with covid in the year 2020 and I had to suffer through the shortage of oxygen. One day while lying on bed, it dawned on me about how if I were to die today, I would have done nothing for the environment and the society to leave an im
CLIMATE CHANGE, AGRICULTURE AND GLOBAL HUNGER “Men of thoughtless of actions are always surprised by consequences” -Sarah Addison Allen ​​​​​​​Climate change and agriculture are interconnected processes. It is a matter of immediate attention as it is global and the effects of
*Project Maitri* There is no limit to what we as women can achieve. When we say Mother Nature we define the love and care a mother provides. My approach to same is through the potential women who in turn has the power and effectivity to behold the future through what they do and what they can ach
Green Menstruation ' ' Menstruation'  - a highly disregarded and ignored topic of our society and if no proper self care is taken and hygiene if not maintained, a woman may face various infections, diseases and even death. Hence, use of Sanitary pads during menses becomes very crucial. And with
THINK GREEN INITIATIVE The world is facing a plastic crisis, the status quo is not an option. Plastic pollution is a serious issue of global concern which requires an urgent and international response involving all relevant actors at different levels. While plastic has many valuable uses, societies
MERE MITRA We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give -Winston Churchill. My parents have always taught me that the society helps us to be the person we are and it is our moral responsibility to give it back to the society. Since childhood, I’ve had a keen interest
EK PEHEL माता भूमिः पुत्रोऽहं पृथिव्याः। Earth is my mother and I am her child. Keeping this thought in my mind, I founded my project Ek Pehel to create awareness about sustainability and promote eco friendly practices. Community Outreach
Haven't we all been showered with presents? These are presents that we neither earned nor paid for. Air to breathe, nurturing rain, berries and blooming flowers to uplift our mood, water to replenish our bodies, food to provide us with nourishment and a sky full of stars which tell us we're never
SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE AND SUPPORTING FEMALE FARMERS India, a country with over a billion population,with a culture as old as time ,we have revolutionised from a land of snake charmers to a land of skilled professionals. What often goes unnoticed is the efforts of farmers and the industry keepin
“To live and let live” I believe that each and every person has the right to live the way they want, without being judged. I pray for a world that’s filled with love and harmony for everyone to co-exist. For me, sustainability started at home before I even knew it. Since a very young age,
My Advocacy "The Earth Buddy Balance" aims at creating a synergy between Earth, People & Environment through sustainable living techniques which is the mission of this project BUDDY (People ) 1. Urban Cities produce waste in tons daily. As environment protectors garbage collectors, waste man
One Woman’s Path to Carbon Neutrality In a world plagued by shrinking water supplies, depletion in food sources and fluctuations in temperature, persistent carbon emissions threaten the livelihood of our planet, animals, humans, and ultimately, life as we know it. Each day, I champion the
The Golden Trail: A little shift in time and back-follow of trail, the golden trail our history left behind. It won't be a surprise to see how richly and abundantly our country India prevailed. For this rewind is to emphasize on how we sustained and lived backdated. Our culture was to be hospitab
Our happiness is incomplete without their smile! This is 21st century. This is the generation of modernization , growth and development. On one side we are enjoying our days without any difficulty. On the other side few of the people are helpless and struggling to live their livelihood. This is t
  Life without purpose is like a body without soul. I found my purpose which then turned into advocacy, 6 years ago when I Pledged to save mother nature and service my country by being an NCC Cadet and spreading awareness about saving environment through rallies, tree plantation & cleanliness d
Protecting oral health with a planet Earth​​​​​​​ There are people with mental,physical and economic difficulties who are not able to excess basic oral care and are unaware about small efforts which can help our planet earth. They contribute to a large population and motivate oth
Vegan Unplugged What started as a Practice, which won recognition, certificates, and awards- I present to you my Advocacy "Vegan Unplugged". The most important gift is the gift of life. Which leads us to envision a future, full of sustainability, and a healthy lifestyle choice that helps gener
The Project-  espérer (HOPE)  The climate crisis is causing a lot of destruction and devastation through events like flooding, droughts, bushfires, mega storms and many more. These events lead to the loss of important places through destruction and damage to them. This causes overwhelming ment
My Advocacy :"Every step counts". Vision :  I'm a firm believer of "THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY" introduced by Patrick Geddes in 1915.  We're very lucky and fortunate enough to be blessed with beautiful flora and fauna by our Mother Earth. But just because of our own fault and taking Mother Earth
'THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY' Being an ambassador of goodwill and with the confidence to persuade people, My advocacy is to educate people to make our Mother Earth a better place to live in. I want to encourage people to plant more trees. If every person plants a few trees, deforestation will reduc
In order to make a difference in someone's life - you don't have to be beautiful, rich, or perfect. You just have to care. This value has been passed down to me by my grandmother who helped the Indian Army, at the time of independence, in her own humble way.  I care about the menstruating women and

Miss Earth India 2021 Pageant – Advocacy Adopt stray animals and avoid plastic use for a sustainable coexistence with animals and marine life Hi my name is Ria Salian. I come from a humble beginning with strong values. My parents have raised me to be a very compassionate and empathetic person.

GREEN GARMENTS "Plastics live forever. Once you create them, they never go away." Everyone of us are aware of the plastic waste problem. To very extent we all try to reduce its use but we also know that we cannot just eliminate it, from what has been created stays here and comes back. The real
Project- सतत  Environmental Sustainability, I believe is the only way we can replenish the natural resources for future generations. Sustainability about making wise decisions in the present and ensuring a better future for the upcoming generations. Specifically, sustainable Farming aims a
VISION OF A HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE FOR ALL I have been a volunteer for Animal Aid Udaipur in protest against the wrongful act of a group who were conducting birth control programmes in violation of Laws.   I have started giving my contribution to UAF, an Udaipur based NGO whose objective
ECO TOURISM AND WASTE REDUCTION In the coming decades, humankind will face a new existential threat that still has hardly registered on the political radar Humans are destabilizing the global biosphere on multiple fronts We are taking more and more resources from the environment while pumping bac
Sustainable Menstrual Choices and Awarness.There are 355 million menstruators in India, out of which two thirds are using tampons and pads, women are disposing of almost 12 billion sanitary pads per year, as menstrual hygiene is important, it’s also important what product is used and how it’s di
With the belief that intent shapes impact,against the backdrop of the UN IPCC Report 2050 that highlights the pressing urgency of cohesion for environmental action and a collaborative imperative,I have decided to mould myself into a catalyst for environmental literacy from a localised level by sprea
AIM: To help build a prospective future by encouraging and teaching the youth about responsible waste management as well as maximizing resource efficiency in order to decrease overall wastage. TARGET AUDIENCE:  Children (8-16 years old), helpers (non-teaching staff), and others willing to partic
Do you know? The planet is losing 4.7 million hectares of forests every year – an area larger than Denmark . Well hailing from india where we worship plants as it is imbibed in our rich culture , we humans some how lack to pertain to our measures , the respect and attention that we use to give o
I believe there is no perfect environmentalist in this world but we can always strive to be better than what we were yesterday by taking small steps everyday.  Being an Environmental Engineer and a daughter of farmer myself, I have started an initiative called "Project Go Green" which focuses
Nirmal Hindon Abhiyan Working with the MSME department has assisted me to take conscious steps and measures on a legit note to save our mother Earth. Nirmal Hindon project an initiative of the Uttar Pradesh government to clean and save a tributary of the river Yamuna focuses on 3 major aspects, 1
Project UNNATI ​​​​​​​ The environment is where we all meet; where we all have a mutual interest,it is the one thing all of us share .As population and urbanization has grown, waste generation has increased rapidly. Proper management of this waste is coming as a challenge to our count
V I K A S ( 5 Steps to Combat Climate Change ) Earth is what we all have in common. In India we refer to our Mother Earth as Dharti Mata ,and worship her. Also our bodies are made up of 5 elements of the Prakriti ( DHARTI , JAL , VAYU , AKASH , AGNI ) . In the past couple of years we have
“JEEVAN” G1 Foundation is a Non-Government Organization, founded on 20th December 2018. Its aim at conveying about Women’s Health with including Tree Plantation. The trees have medical properties and are essential for women’s health such as the Ashoka tree which has properties to cure ana
“Childhood is a Right” My heart lies in the tiny toes and little fingers of the kids I see around me. My heart lies in the future of India - Our Children. And, that is what gives me the purpose of my advocacy, to help and nurture the underprivileged kids.   Less than half of India's child

My Advocacy speech-         "Go Green" "Today, plant a tree for a brighter tomorrow.”  Project Go green, a small initiative to save trees,was initiated by me 13 years back when my teacher introduced me to the concept of deforestation. I couldn't sleep that night, thinking why was such