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Beauty With A Responsibility

Date: 03-09-2021

Miss Divine Beauty has introduced a new Award "Beauty With A Responsibility ".This award aims to not only acknowledge the work done by the beauty queens in order to bring a substantial change but also support the future endeavours of their projects.

The most voted finalist will get "Beauty With A Responsibility Award" for her leadership skills, ability to influence and motivate others and for her dedication to making a difference in the society in every small way possible.

Her project will be submitted to Miss Earth Org as National Project where it will be in line of winning the annual international award.


Date: 29-08-2021

Divine Group Foundation was founded by the Chairman of Divine Group Mr. Deepak Agarwal who believes that the essence of beauty pageant still lies in giving back whatever we have earned in the process, knowledge resources or voice.
Before the foundation of Miss Divine Beauty, organisation used to work for humanitarian cause that would feel right by heart.
Like distributing food to the needy struck by calamities, promoting our culture in other countries like USA, funding for education etc.
The foundation of pageant gave Divine Group Organisation a direction and vision i.e. to protect and regenerate who has provided us with everything, our planet Earth which would subsequently improve the quality of life of everyone.

Our agenda is to give back the planet earth for so much it has provided us. We strive for a healthy environment not only for humans beings but for all the species that reside on our beautiful planet. To the declining air quality, water shortage, untimely floods and rains, forest fires, non renewable resources almost getting exhausted in coming years, we believe that every small change on an individual and community level would matter.

The organisation extensively contributes for environmental projects along with working on a project every year with the newly crowned winner of Miss Earth India.

We believe that :

• The first step is to protect  what we are left with.
• To replenish and restore what we were granted with 

• Next, give nature a rebirth by what we humans have created

   Miss Earth India 2019, Tejaswini Manogana, in the beginning of her reign planted trees across the green belt of Delhi NCR along with young volunteers. We can’t wait for the to grow and rejuvenate the environment. 

   Miss Earth India 2020, Tanvi Kharote with Divine Group Foundation took an initiative to install solar panels in a small village Kendur in Maharashtra. They were not just to help the villagers but also promote the cause of development with sustainability.

We all know that the textile industry is one of the most polluting industry.
Over the years in various cities of India, in seminars and events we have highlighted and promoted the use of organic fabrics over artificial fabric and fast fashion.
Through our beauty pageant we also promote the most natural dresses over anything to give dressing a new way of empowerment. 
We believe that fashion is more modern when it’s sustainable.