Step 2- Submit 3 prerequisite videos

 You can upload your videos either on Instagram or YouTube channel and submit here in given format.

 Copy your Youtube video link( EXP- ).  OR Copy your Instagram Video link( EXP- ).

 Task 1 - To shoot a proper ramp walk video (30 seconds)
Dress code - Heels and White/black fitted top/ganji With jeans/skirts/shorts.

 Task 2 - To shoot an interview video (upto one minute)
Dress code - anything which makes you feel beautiful about yourself. Reference of points to add - Name, Age, City, Education, Work, Any past pageantry experience, Hobbies, advocacy, interest and some facts about yourself that define you.

 Task 3 - Video on Millets (45 seconds) (Optional)
Make a video describing Millets and benefits with relevant pictures/clips supporting your video.






**To avoid content ownership issues , You can not use any millet product which displays its brand name.

**Instruction for Video on Millets - Say "under the guidance of divine group foundation" in the beginning and "Lets join Divine Millet Movement" at the end of your content/video.

#divinegroupindia #divinebeautyaudition24 #divinemilletmovement #missdivinebeauty #missearthindia24 #divinegroupfoundation #divinegroupindia

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